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Our wish is to be the most efficient, the most innovative and technologically most advanced company in the forest branch in Slovenia. Our vision encompasses our long-term wishes and expectations we wish to reach.

GG Bled  continuously modernizes its mechanisation for forest production especially in terms of latest technology for machine felling of trees, which makes us the leaders in this field in Slovenia.

GG Bled - vision and mission: Jelovica GG Bled - vision and mission: Jelovica


GG Bled performs all commercial works in the forests efficiently and responsibly. We also purchase all  forest timber assortments from forest owners in Slovenia for the mutual benefit of both the owner of the company and the remaining partners. Our mission defines our every-day activity, our fundamental goal of business and the basic orientation of the company.

Our most important task is to carry out the entire work process from wood harvest to the sale of timber to a client in a cost efficient and quality way as well as responsibly towards the forest environment. The basic difference between our current mission compared to the desired mission in the future relates to the territorial coverage of the purchase market. We wish to cover the western, central and northern Slovenia and we would like to become a close partner to both large and small forest owners in Slovenia.


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