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Forest production

What do we do and where

Forest production is our first activity among the main activities of the company. The forest production includes mostly wood harvest and hauling of timber as well as forest cultivation works. Our own production covers the forest production in the forests owned by the Archdiocese Ljubljana, which comprise in the area of the forest-management unit of Bled a total of more than  10.802 ha of commercial forests. The largest space, in which we perform forest production, is the forests on the Pokljuka, Jelovica and Mežakla as well as in the Upper Sava Valley.

Forest production is also performed for small and large forest estate owners in the Bled region, all over Slovenia and in the neighbouring countries. We annually harvest and haul more than 100.000_m3 of timber for all forest owners.

GG Bled - Forest production: Morning on Jelovica GG Bled - Forest production: Morning on Jelovica

Experiences and our resources

We have been engaged in forest production since the establishment in 1948 and have gained many experiences since then. We employ experienced forestry experts of various profiles (masters of science, engineers, technicians), who plan, organize and supervise the works in forest production. We have the most modern machines and equipment and use the latest technology to cope with the variegated terrain and forest composition conditions in Slovenia. Our machine outfit comprises special forest tractors, crawler tractors, modern cable devices with a processor head SYNCROFALKE and BAUMFALKE as well as the machines for wood harvest  JOHN DEERE.

Latest technology and ecologic endeavours

In forestry, endeavours for a technological progress must not only include economical aspects but also ergonomic and environmental aspects. Technologically speaking, the Slovene forest management has quite a few areas, in which we lag for at least 10 years behind the forest covered EU states. The most considerable lag is in the use of modern technologies of wood harvest and hauling, which include harvesters and forwarders. Each technological change has come across a more or less considerable reluctance in foresters. A similar phenomenon was observed, when a manual saw was replaced by a motor saw. Today, the share of machine harvesting in Slovenia can be neglected. The share of machine harvesting in Finland, for instance, exceeds 90% and in the countries, which are more comparable to Slovenia, like Germany (thinning out) and Austria (state forests), over 50%. Although the use of machine harvesting in Slovenia is limited due to natural limitations of forest composition, its advantages from the economic, ergonomic and safety aspects are that huge that it must be used on adequate areas. Owing to heavy physical work with a motor saw a majority of professional forest workers are retired as work invalids.

 GG Bled - Forest production: modern cableway GG Bled - Forest production: modern cableway

In 2004, GG Bled was a pioneer in introducing complete technology for machine harvesting and it currently disposes over three assemblies. In past years, about third of all timber in the forests of Archdiocese Ljubljana and the state-owned forests was harvested with machines. Machine harvesting is nowadays successfully used in the forests having adequate terrain and composition on the high plateaus of the Pokljuka and Jelovica. The highest standards of environmental protection are being respected.

To meet the purpose of sustainable and variegated forest management we use adapted technology of wood harvest and timber hauling. One of the most beautiful and top quality forests in the world, those on the Pokljuka and Jelovica, are also a reflection of our endeavours!


 GG Bled - Forest production: hand working GG Bled - Forest production: hand working    GG Bled - Forest production: modern cableway GG Bled - Forest production: modern cableway    GG Bled - Forest production: machines for wood harvest GG Bled - Forest production: machines for wood harvest

For further information relating to forest production or if you are interested in obtaining an offer for harvest and hauling in your forest, please contact:   

Head of forest production in the forests of Archdiocese Ljubljana:

Matija Benedičič, B. Sc.

Tel.: +386 41 323 732

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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