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A note to the international workshop Problem of bark beetles - the search for operational solutions

Pokljuka, May 16, 2019


In recent years, we have witnessed growing problems with the control of bark beetles in spruce stands. Frequent and extensive calamities, which are the result of the attack of the European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus), are not a specialty of Slovenia, but they are practically occurring over the whole of Central Europe, where the spruce is represented by a significant proportion. Climatic changes also contribute to the problems.


In the Upper Gorenjska region, a great extent of these disturbances have been recorded over the last period, and we are faced with questions about what can be done to reduce the damage or how to act effectively in these dimensions of the problems.


For this purpose, our company GG Bled d.o.o. and the Slovenian Forest Service (Regional unit Bled) organized an international workshop on Pokljuka on 16 May 2019. On this occasion, home experts and experts from the neighboring countries (Austria, Italy, Czech Republic) discussed the causes of the problems with the bark beetles, but above all the possible solutions. You can read more about the workshop in the attached contributions.



Aleš Kadunc in sodelavci: Obvladovanje podlubnikov - vidiki gozdarske gospodarske družbe

Andrej Avsenek: Podlubniki na blejskem GGO

David Wutti: (Ne)Obvladovanje podlubnikov na avstrijskem Koroške

Pavla Bortlova: Bark Beetle in the Czech Republic

Goozer in sodelavci: Primer Italije - vetrolom in pričakovane posledice


You can see pictures of the workshop in the gallery Problem of bark beetles


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