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Forest is quality of life

Slovene forests are prevailingly populated by spruce (31%) and beech (32%), then follows fir (7%) (Source: Slovenia Forest Service; Annual report on forests for 2014). The forests of the regional unit of Bled are mostly populated by spruce (63%), then follow beech (24%) and fir (4%) (Source: Slovenia Forest Service; Territorial plan for GGO Bled 2011).

Slovene forests are world famous for their high level of preservedness. Forests are natural and national richness and the forest is contemplated as the quality of life. About 75% of Slovenia is covered in forests and about 50% of the Slovene population is forest owners together with their family members. Such high percentage is a potential for tight attachment of the Slovenes to forests. The forest offers its owner mostly economical benefits, whereas it gives a wider society mostly social and environmental functions.


Regional unit Bled

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