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Increasing forest stand and growing stock

Slovenia has a rich and long tradition of planned forest management. The first forest-management plan was prepared as early as 1724. We have managed to considerably improve our forests in the past seventy years with an important contribution of the forestry branch and forest owners. The surface of Slovene forests has thus increased by fair 32% and the current forest stand amounts to approximately 58% (source: annual reports of the Slovenia Forest Service). Mountain pine has not been taken into consideration in past years. 


Slovene forest stand


In Europe, we are third after Sweden and Finland according to this index.


The growing stock in the past years did not increase only on the account of the surface of the forest, but also on the account of the accumulation of the growing stock. The growing stock per hectare has increased by more than 150%. This parameter ranks Slovenia to the very European top with a growing stock of more than 300 m3/ha (source: annual reports of the Slovenia Forest Service).


Growing stock in cubic meters per hectare


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